Free OSINT field Tools

Taiwo Owolabi
5 min readSep 12, 2023


If you do not understand anything about OSINT, and how OSINT works, please read my OSINT Field Handbook.

Note: Before we get started, kindly know that this manual is written under the assumption that all platforms being interacted with are large commercial entities like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and etc. So if your investigation takes you to infrastructure being managed by actors, you will prefer to stay concealed from them consider using a VPN. I will recommend TOR browser or ip2 VPN.

SOCK PUPPETS: A Sock Puppet account is an alternate account you set up on a platform that other users of the platform could not easily tie back to your real-life identity. The sock puppet accounts you need to create will be defined by where your investigation is taking place. If you are investigating on a particular platform you need to have a sock puppet account created for it.

You can easily generate a fake identity (name, date of birth, state and etc.) via

You can also generate non-existing image of an individual via (If you can’t find a suitable image, just keep refreshing the home page till you get the right image for your OSINT).

VIRTUAL MACHINES: VMs could fill out their own manual. A few bullet points around them:

Virtual Machines offer you a great way to keep your investigation “isolated” from your normal computer usage. If you’re only signing in sock puppet accounts from within a VM there much less risk of your real account and your sock account “cross pollinating”

- VMs offer you a great way to stay organized. All the information around your investigation like notes and screenshots can be saved within your VM.

- VMs can be disposable. When you’re done with an investigation you can easily delete the VM you were using. You can download a Virtual machine via Oracle VM VirtualBox.

The following tool is available in PDF: DOWNLOAD NOW

  1. VIZ.GREYNOISE.IO: This site collects, analyze, and label data on IP addresses that scan the internet and saturate security tools with noise.

2. BEENVERIFIED: This is a reverse number look up site called Number-Guru and a registered sex offenders tracking app that uses augmented reality to locate sex offenders.

3. EMAILSHERLOCK.COM: Behind. Email gave the actual name and contact info for someone behind an e-mail.

4. INFOTRACER.COM: Instant Public Records Search for Contact Info, Criminal Records, Arrests, Assets, Social Profiles & More. This service is not available everywhere, so I will advise you use VPN.

5. HAVEIBEENPWNED.COM: This website allows Internet users to check whether their personal data has been compromised by data breaches. (Recommended)

6. MALTEGO.COM: Malte-go is the all-in-one tool for link analysis. It offers real-time data mining and information gathering.

7. MOBILE APPS COMFI.COM: ComFi is a reseller of virtual telecom services. They are working with the best telecom service providers who deliver the excellent quality and offer competitive prices to our customers.

8. SPYTOX.COM: SPYTOX is the authority in online people search. With comprehensive personal information, including cell phone numbers, for over 275 million people nationwide.

9. SPYDIALLER.COM: Spy Dialer is the fastest and sneakiest free reverse phone lookup for cell phones and landline phone number searches. (Recommended)

10. SEARCHYELLOWDIRECTORY.COM: Search people, businesses or products in USA, UK, Asia or Africa. Search USA white pages, UK yellow pages in our Phonebooks of the World.

11. NUMLOOKUP.COM: Num Lookup can perform a completely free reverse phone lookup for any phone number in US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Netherlands, New-Zealand, Singapore and Spain

12. USPHONEBOOK.COM: A reverse phone directory allows you to learn more about the identity behind a phone number.

13. SENSITY.AI: Data extraction website that extracts relevant information from the visual part of the document through their OCR algorithms (Name, Surname, Date of Birth, Country, Personal number, Sex, Place of birth, etc.) (Recommended)

14. DEEPWARE.AI: Deepware Scan & Detect Deepfake Videos (Recommended)

15. BUSINNESSSEARCH.SOS.CA.GOV: This is a Company and business search tool

16. BIZAPEDIA.COM: This is a Company and business search tool

17. BBB.ORG: BBB helps consumers find businesses and charities that they can trust and also do business ratings, customer reviews, file a complaint and report a scam.

18. BLACKBOOKONLINE.INFO: You can find free public record lookups with this website. This is a U.S base tools.

19. MXTOOLBOX.COM: This is a Domain Name and email header lookup. (Recommended)

20. XLEK.COM: Xlek is a handy tool for an individual or business to find the information they may need quickly and easily, even for marketing data.

21. DEHASHED.COM: DeHashed provides free deep-web public data search, email data bridge, scans and protection against credential leaks. It is a U.S based tools.

22. STORYSAVER.NET: Download Instagram Stories, Highlights and Videos Online anonymously and easily with one simple click.

23. CRACKSTATION.NET: Free Password Hash Cracker (MD5, SHA1, Linux, Rainbow Tables, etc.).

24. BUILTWITH.COM: This tool will help you Find out what websites are built with including all their technology the website is using.

25. FAMILYTREE.COM: Family Tree is a genealogy, ancestry, and family tree research website. This tool will help you to gather intelligence about your target(s) families members.

26. BIGGERPOCKETS.COM: This is real estate public record tool.

27. WWW.YUBA.ORG: This is real estate public record tool.

28. INSTANTCHECKMATE.COM: Instant Checkmate is a public records search service that gives you the power to Find Contact Information, Location Data, Criminal & Traffic Records, Phone Numbers, Social Media Profiles, Death Records and Much More!

29. SPIDERFOOT.NET: Spider foot gives timely, relevant and actionable intel that allows people to protect themselves and optimize their operations. It is a lookup for emails, IP address and more for OSINT.

30. ARCHIVE.ORG: Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more. This tool is good at recovering a deleted file online.

31. START.ME: This website contains all OSINT tool, but it is not free. (Highly recommended for investigation).

32: OSINTFRAMEWORK.COM: This website contains all OSINT free tool. (Highly recommended for investigation).

Bonus 1. THEHIDDENWIKI.ORG: This is dark web lookup tools. You will need a VPN to access this website. Tor or IP2 Browser is recommended.

Bonus 2. AHMIA.FI: This is dark web OSINT tools. You will need a VPN to access this website. Tor or IP2 Browser is recommended.